Policies & Procedures

Click here to download the Policies & Procedures Manual
Click here to download the Policies & Procedures Manual

The League’s Policies & Procedures are designed and published to define all major decisions, actions and activities for all participants of the League including student athletes, parents, coaches, schools and shooting ranges.

Policies & Procedures include:

  • The League
  • General polices
  • Team and athlete eligibility
  • Safety certification
  • Lettering and yearbook
  • Coaching staff
  • Safety and courtesy
  • Gun handling
  • Equipment and gear
  • Trapshooting basics
  • Practice and competition events
  • Scoring
  • And more!

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Athletes may participate on another team

Click here to download the Cooperative Agreement Form

If an athlete wants to participate in the League and the athlete’s school does not have a team, the athlete may participate on another school’s team only if a team has room for the athlete and a Cooperative Agreement is signed by both school’s Athletic/Activities Directors.

  • A team must have room to accommodate a new athlete.
  • Both school Athletic/Activities Directors must sign agreement.
  • A Cooperative Agreement is valid for only one year.
  • Athletes must attempt to join other teams within the athlete’s same school district first.
  • If no team is available within the same school district, a student may then join another team that is located nearest the student’s school district.
  • Cooperative agreements must be completed before the athlete registration deadline and the agreement must be retained by the head coach.

The coaching staff for a team makes all decisions if they can accommodate any athletes from other school districts. It is strongly encouraged that the athlete makes a concerted effort to start a team at his/her own school before participating on another school’s team.

Safe Sport Policy

The mission of USA Clay Target League, and its affiliates (collectively, the “League”) is to emphasize the positive influence shooting sports can have on athletes and their families. The League does this by providing a safe, comfortable, and positive environment focused on safety, sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun.

One aspect of creating a safe environment for athletes, coaches, and team staff members alike includes ensuring misconduct, including any physical and sexual abuse, is identified, addressed, and eliminated. Following the creation of the federal Safe Sport Authorization Act, the Center for SafeSport has identified six types of misconduct: emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment and hazing. All forms of misconduct are intolerable and in direct conflict with the mission and goals of the League.

Please CLICK HERE for more information about the League’s Safe Sport policy or to report a concern.