Team Management System

TMS-LogoEasy and accurate online team management tool for coaches.

The New York State High School Clay Target League provides head coaches access quick and easy access to the Team Management System™ (TMS) to manage their team effectively, accurately, and efficiently.


Team Management System dashboard provides instant data.

The Team Management System™ is a proprietary web-based custom team management program developed by the League to assist coaches with:
• Team Profile – includes contact information for coaches, school officials, shooting range officers and volunteers.
• Team Member – includes all member roster information including medical awareness information.
• Athlete Registration – just add a students name and they are ready to register for your team.
• Submit Scores – access at the range, your office, or home to easily submit scores and receive confirmation.
• Team Scoring Report – review exactly how your team and members stacked up against the competition.
Shooter Performance Tracker® – see any athlete’s scores, rankings and personal records by week or overall.
• State Tournament Registration – Sign your athletes up for the big tournament accurately in an instant.
• Help Desk – for assistance when needed.

The New York State High School Clay Target League provides easy-to-use tools and knowledge to help coaches and volunteers to keep volunteering.